10 Lessons from The Curvy Fashionista Blogger Mastermind Day

Jhane Wilcox

It's safe to say, I am committed to this blogging thing. Even if no one is reading it or visiting me right now, I am still here for it. It's kind of like my own online therapy. Anyways, I digress. Let me tell you all about my first time at The Curvy Fashionista Style Expo Blogger Mastermind Class


The Blogger Mastermind Class - I attended the mastermind class to gain insight on the blogging experience and especially how it relates to the plus size experience. And let me tell you, I was blown away. It's been a long time since I felt like the new kid at school. But there was so much I didn't know and so many people there already have thousands of followers, it was like "What are YOU doing here?!" But it was great. There was a real sense of community amongst the bloggers and you could tell many of them collaborated often with each other. They even gave me a round of applause when they found out I had just launched the night before the class. All in all, it was a fantastic experience, but like any "new kid's" first day, there were moments of awkwardness, nerves, and jitters. I let my insecurities get a hold of me a few times and was afraid to say hello or speak to someone because I figured I wasn't as popular or as interesting. But honestly, that was 100% on me. The ladies were great and very engaging once I got out of my own head. Ok so on to the 10 things I learned while attending the Mastermind Class

  1. Start connecting with some of the active plus size bloggers beforehand to see if they will be attending and try to make connections before attending. 
  2. Get out of your head and realize that even though these women may have thousands of followers many are just like you - they have jobs, families, responsibilities and they are just sharing a piece of it with the world and people like it.
  3. Arrive early to mingle with everyone before things kick off - I flew in that morning and arrived just as the class was beginning so I didn't get to mingle until the coffee breaks and lunch
  4. Marie Denee is incredibly cool and a great speaker and a terrific source of knowledge and she is open to taking a quick second to take a picture or answer a question for a newbie. Make sure you follow her online and stay up on the things she does before, during, and after the expo. 
  5. Dress like a fashion blogger! The ladies come looking like the plus size divas they are - many in outfits from sponsors (work that merch hunties!)
  6. Listen closely for social media names so that you can follow people you meet or that are on the panels. 
  7. Make friends with your seatmates. I was fortunate to sit with people like luxepluslifeblog, mechanicshopfemme, and nec_style.  Who were all really cool and walked the expo floor with me the following day. tcfstyleexpo_bloggers
  8. If you are going to bring a laptop, bring a Chromebook or a smaller laptop so that you can have room on the table. I looked crazy trying to drop this 15-inch thing. 
  9. The swag bags are AMAZING. Be sure to get yours and thank all of the sponsors. I'll have posts coming from the stuff in there for the next few months. (The Curvy Fashionista hooked us up!)
  10. If you are new to blogging or have been doing it for years, the blogger mastermind class is an invaluable experience to learn new techniques, connect with other bloggers, and learn from one of the best in the business. It is totally and without a doubt worth the cost to attend. For me to get here I incurred the cost of a flight, attendance, rental car etc...but I would spend it all again tomorrow. This blogger day is an investment in a blogger's brand and overall growth. 

I am extremely happy I decided to attend the blogger mastermind day. I am far from where most of the people in the class are but the plus is they all were willing to share tips and obstacles they avoided along the way to help me have a smoother experience. That's worth the cost of admission alone. I thoroughly enjoyed it. See y'all again next year #tcfstyleexpo bloggers!

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  • I thoroughly enjoyed your input here. I will continue to follow your blog. Good luck!


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