Diva Lux Fall Favorite: Leather Leggings

It's fall DIVAS!!!!! Make way for cooler temps, autumn leaves, and pumpkin spiced everything! (Seriously, I heard Buffalo Wild Wings has Pumpkin Spiced Sauce) But for the all the curvy fashion followers out there, it can also mean 'tis the season to rock some of the cutest fashion trends and layers. One of my favorite pieces so far this fall, without a doubt, has been the Sandy Faux Leather Leggings

These lightweight leggings provide warmth and a sleek, comfortable fit that can make almost any cool weather outfit feel sexy. The hug in all the right places while the added spandex helps support the tummy area.  

Check out three ways I styled this look on a trip to Connecticut  this fall:

Paired with the Fall Plaid Trend

Two trends I am all about this fall's trend are making bold statements with the colorful plaid pieces. I picked a cool fall morning to pair my Sandy leggings with this vibrant red and black flannel from The Limited, which is several seasons old. I am all about holding on to a good piece and this gorgeous flannel went perfectly with these leggings and kept me chic and comfy while we enjoyed a cup of coffee and treats while taking in the farmhouse and surroundings of the Airbnb we rented for the week. 

Football Game Chic

Later in the week it was time for my son’s college football game. Yes I have a son in college and I am one proud Momma too. My baby is #1 punter in his division! 😀

Anyways, I digress. It was a night game and expected to drop down to the 30’s so I grabbed another pair of Sandy leggings and paired it with my son’s old high school sweatshirt and a complimentary scarf. I was snug as a big as the d saying goes and was so proud to be the cute mom at the game. Side note these leggings are incredibly easy to clean. Even when I spilled hot chocolate on them while cheering, it wiped off with a damp cloth. 

Looking Hot While Staying Warm


During the final leg of the trip we decided to enjoy brunch  at one of the towns local restaurants, Maggie McFly's, such a cute name. But nothing was too cute about the weather at a super frosty 29 degrees. The bird bath on the property was a solid block of ice! So, I broke out another pair of Sandy leggings and paired it with a simple black t-shirt and black puff coat for an cute all black look. I added my Husband’s scarf for a touch of fall colors and off we went.


Final Diva Thoughts

These leggings are a lifesaver! We didn’t have much room to pack since we were trying to pack light for this trip (hence the sneakers in all my pics 😌).The leggings were super lightweight and I was really surprised at how much warmth they provided. I would give them a 5 out of 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ rating. Get your Sandy Leggings today and see if you agree!


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