No Time to Iron? Try a Leota Dress

Jhane Wilcox

If you are like me, ironing doesn't fit into the day. I have an hour long commute, work all day and have to cook and manage family stuff when I get home. For so long, my wardrobe criteria become "it fits." Until recently, I rarely wore dresses to work. It was too much trouble. That was until I discovered Leota.
They offer perfect day-to-night dresses. I received a Coedition gift card in my swag bag when attending The Curvy Fashionista Blogger Mastermind Day. So I figured I'd give a Leota dress a try.
OMG! This dress was amazing! I wore it on a day I had to drive over two hours too shoot in Baton Rouge, LA. And let me tell you, the dress not only had me looking like a real live Marketing Maven walking into the studio, but it was so comfortable. Even the CEO of the company commented how great I looked that day. And let me tell you, he doesn't pass out compliments often!
I setup my camera in a cramped space, shot vignettes, and climbed over in this dress without feeling like I was stuffed or uncomfortable at any point. It felt like I was working in my most comfy PJs.
Leota you have me sold! 5 out of 5 stars for me.

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  • That dress looks great on you . simply beautiful

    Tangla Norris

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