July 2018 ipsy Glam Bag Review

When it comes to ipsy, I always say that I have a bag subscription with free makeup samples. I have used the little clutches on date night with my hubby to offset an outfit and it’s always so much fun. So for my first beauty post, I figured what better to review than IPSY!

 The Bag

This month’s bag makes me think of mermaids The subtle aqua sparkle is really cute. BUT that big white zipper makes it feel a cheap almost 80’s vending machine quality. I can’t see myself taking this bag on date night but I could use it as a cute little phone or travel sunscreen carrier by the pool. 


The Contents


POP - Peak Performance Brow

Let’s be honest, making it to the salon to get those eyebrows waxed is sometimes but on the back burner. And while I do love my bushy brows, sometimes I like a good brow pen to fill in and make me look a little bit more polished. This pen, however, is not the one I’d go to. It glides on kind of rough with a greyish brown tint. (Ummm, whose brows are this color?!)

FEEL - Restored Warming Clay Mask

First off, this mask only slight heats up so they should call it a “Barely Warming” mask. It kind of thick going on with a slight perfumy scent that I really liked. Unfortunately, after rinsing off my skin didn’t feel any smoother and was pretty dry afterward.

SAGE COSMETIC - Nail Polish in Red Carnival

This I loved! I cannot wait until fall to break this color out. It will be pumpkin spice lattes, boots and this nail color all Autumn for me! The color reminds me of leaves changing so it will be perfect for what I am praying is a cool, crisp fall.

SMASHBOX COSMETICS - Studio Skin Concealer in Fair, Light, Light/Medium, Medium/Dark, Dark

In the world of color match cosmetics like Fenty Beauty, this concealer is in a galaxy somewhere off in the outskirts. It was WAY too light for my skin. I honestly don’t know anyone whose skin is this super pale shade of beige that resembles raw pancake batter.

AHAVA - Facial Mud Exfoliator

Full disclosure I love AHAVA products. They always make me feel like I’ve got my own private luxury spa. So for me, this is another winner in this month’s bag. The scrub left my skin feeling supple and soft.


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